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3504   A&D Ointment, 4oz. Tube, 6/pack
3545   A&D Ointment, 5g Foilpac, 144/box
B16400   Adhesive Remover Pads, 100/box
P548440   Adult Blood Pressure Unit, ProAdvantage
P907016   Alcohol 70% 16oz. bottle
P902045   Alcohol Prep Pad, Medium, ProAdvantage, 200/box
S84925   Alcohol Swabstick, 3/pack, 25 packs/box
1104   Alconox Ultrasounic Detergent Powder, 4lb Carton
1401   Ammonia Inhalent,10/box
100309   Aspirin, Enteric-Coated, 5 gram,100/bottle
29-7990-100   AstraGuard Filter Mouthpieces for Astra Spirometers, SDI Diagnostics, 100/box
1262P   Attest, Ampules Biological Indicator, 3M Brand, 25/box
SCXX   Autoclave Pouch 2.25" x 4",200/box
P013554   Autoclave Pouch 3.5" x 5.25", ProAdvantage, 200/box
P013590   Autoclave Pouch 3.5" x 9", ProAdvantage, 200/box
P015410   Autoclave Pouch 5.25" x 10", ProAdvantage, 200/box
P017513   Autoclave Pouch 7.5" x 13", ProAdvantage, 200/box
SCL5152   Autoclave Pouch, 5" x 15", Crosstex, 200/box
1322-24mm   Autoclave Tape 1" x 60 yards for Steam, Roll
960174   Autoclave Wrap, 18" x 18", Blue, 500/case
P012020   Autoclave Wrap, 20" x 20", Blue, 500/case
M233XT   Baby Wipes, Unscented, Alcohol Free, 80/box
1131   Bacitracin Ointment, 1oz Tube
1161   Bacitracin Ointment, Packets, 144/box
1173   Bacitracin Zinc Ointment, 1oz. Tube
P156002   Bandage, Elastic 2" with Velcro Closure, Latex Free, ProAdvantage, 10/box
P156003   Bandage, Elastic 3" with Velcro Closure,Latex Free, ProAdvantage, 10/box
P156004   Bandage, Elastic 4" with Velcro Closure, Latex Free, ProAdvantage, 10/box
P156006   Bandage, Elastic 6" with Velcro Closure, Latex Free, ProAdvantage, 10/box
P150125   Bandaid 2" x 4" Flexible Fabric, ProAdvantage, 50/box
P150120   Bandaid, 1" x 3" Flexible Fabric Bandage, Latex Free, ProAdvantage P150120, 100/box
P150135   Bandaid, 1" x 3" Sheer, ProAdvantage, 100/box
1075737   Bandaid, 3/4" x 3", Daffy & Bugs Bunny, 100/box
P150150   Bandaid, 7/8" Sheer Spot, 100/box
CBD4022   Bandaid, Spots 7/8" Fabric, Latex Free, 100/box
EN93   Battery, "C" Alkaline, 12/box
EN95   Battery, "D" Alkaline, 12/box
EN22   Battery, 9v Alkaline
EN91   Battery, Energizer "AA" Alkaline, 4/pack
EN92   Battery, Energizer "AAA" Alkaline, 4/Pack
1-220   Battery, Rechargeable 3.5v for Otoscope & Ophthalmoscope
72300   Battery, Rechargeable 3.5v Nickel Cadmium
2N3374   Baxter IV Extension Set, 50/box
1202   Betadine Swabsticks, Triple Pack, 25/box
45-50   Biohazard Bags, 24" x 24" 10 Gallon, Red, 250/case
33-31   Biopsy Punch, 2mm Steel, Disposable, 50/box
33-32   Biopsy Punch, 3mm Steel, Disposable, 50/box
33-34   Biopsy Punch, 4mm Steel, Disposable, 50/box
OS64638HLX   Bulb, 24v 100 watt for Midmark Ritter 355 O.R. Light
4514-1   Bulb, 3.5v Halogen for Otoscopes 20000, 25020, 21700 & 20200
06500-U   Bulb, 3.5v Halogen for Welch Allyn Macroview Otoscope
4513-1   Bulb, 3.5v Halogen Replacement for Ophthalmoscope Models 11610, 11600, 11710, 11605, 18000
08800-U   Bulb, 4.6v Halogen for Welch Allyn Vaginal Illumination System
26766   Butterfly 23g x 3/4", 50/box
911   Cape, 3ply Tissue White 30" x 21", 100/case
10-311   Capillary Plungers for Cholestech, 50/pack
52193   Capillary Tubes for Cholestech LDX (Lipids/ALT/AST) 35ul, 50/bottle
318116   Catheter, Coude Tip 16 Fr. 5cc
P212100   Cautery, Hi Temperature and Fine Tip, ProAdvantage
13-1100   Cavi-Wipes Large Germicidal Wipes, 160/tub
13-1150   Cavi-Wipes X-Large Germicidal Wipes, 66/tub
13-1000   Cavicide Surface Disinfectant, Gallon
BCCS   Chair Sleeve, 27 1/2" x 24", Crosstex, 225/roll
760-10SABK   Child Blood Pressure Unit
2000PET16   Chlorhexadine Gluconate Oral Rinse, .12% Peppermint Flavor, 16oz. Bottle
11-010   Cholestech Pipett Tips, Minipet, 50/box
633712927   Citrus II Germicidal Cleaner, 22oz Spray Bottle
633712928   Citrus II Germicidal Cleanser & Disinfectant, Gallon
2083   Clinitek Microalbumin Reagent Strips, Siemens 2083, 25/bottle
P154010   Co-Flex 1" x 5 yards, Tan, ProAdvantage
P154020   Co-Flex 2" x 5 yard, ProAdvantage
P154030   Co-Flex 3" x 5 yards, ProAdvantage
P154040   Co-Flex 4" x 5 yards, ProAdvantage
P158020   Co-Flex Co-hesive Bandage, 2" Assorted Colors, ProAdvantage, 36/box
03P56-50   Coag-Sens PT/INR Test Strips, 50/box
06f23-64   Coag-Sense Professional PT/INR System, 5 Box Promo Kit, CLIA Waived
11621173001   CoaguChek Capillary Tubes, 100/box
04625315160   Coaguchek XS Strip, 48/box
20104   Cold Pack, Instant Re-usable Standard, 6" x 8.75", Each
5085   Coloscan ES Office Pack, 80/box
5072   ColoScreen Fecal Occult Blood Test Lab Pack, 100/box
D205   Conforming/Stretch Gauze, 2" Non Sterile, 2/pack
8518   Conforming/Stretch Gauze, 3" Non Sterile, 12/pack
8520   Conforming/Stretch Gauze, 6" Non Sterile, 6/pack
88769   Controls, Multi-Analyte for Cholestech LDX Lipid/Glucose/ALT/AST, Level 1 & 2, 2ml, Set of 2
P159045   Cotton Balls, Large Size, ProAdvantage, 1000/bag
P159025   Cotton Balls, Medium Size, ProAdvantage, 2000/bag
3554   Cotton Dental Rolls, Size 2, Medium, Non Sterile, 1/2" x 3/8", 2000/box
4302   Cotton Tipped Applicator, 6" Non Sterile, 1000/box
76800   Cotton Tipped Applicator, 6" Sterile, 2/pack, 100 packs/box
MD170-150   CPR Microshield
1100   CryoDose Portable Cryosurgical System Replacement Canister, 162ml
1500   CryoDose Portable Cryosurgical System Replacement Canister, 236ml
1101   CryoDose Portable Cryosurgical System Reusable Treatment Kit, 162ml, 6 cones, 40 buds
1103   Cryodose Portable Cryosurgical System Reusable Treatment Kit, 162ml, 80 buds
1501   CryoDose Portable Cryosurgical System Reusable Treatment Kit, 236ml, 6 cones, 40 Buds
CXCL   Cup, 5oz. Clear Plastic, 100/sleeve
105   Cup, 5oz. Plastic, Green Color, 100/sleeve
115-CH   Cup, 5oz. Waxes, Bubbles Design, 100/sleeve
P250400   Cup, Specimen 4oz. Sterile, Screw Lid, ProAdvantage
6012A   DCA 2000 & Vantage Microalbumin/Creatinine High/Low Control Kit, 4/kit
6011A   DCA 2000 and Vantage Microalbumin/Creatinine Test, 10/box
5068A   DCA 2000 Controls, 4/kit
5035C   DCA 2000/Vantage Reagent Kit for HbA1c, 10/kit, Siemens 5035C
614453   Debrox Drops, 1/2 oz.
DDP-100   Defibrillator Pads for Defibtech Lifeline AED, Adult
DCF-A100-EN   Defibrillator, Lifeline AED
751   Deluxe Minor Laceration Tray with Instruments
8382   Dental Bib, 3 Ply Paper + 1 Ply Poly, 13" x 18", Blue, 500/case
917902   Dental Bib, Contour 18" x 22", 3-Ply, Green, TIDI, 500/case
8282   Dental Bib, Dry-Back 13" x 18", 2ply Paper + 1 ply Poly, Blue, 500/case
1266MG   Dental Dam, 6" x 6", Medium Gauge, Green Color, Mint Flavor, 36/box
DHV12   Dermabond Topical Skin Adhesive, Tube
P541222   Digital Thermometer with Beeper, ProAdvantage
N207105   Drape 18" x 26" Sterile, Fenestrated, 50/box
N207100   Drape, 18" x 26" Sterile, Non Fenestrated, 50/box
214   Drape, 40" 'x 48", 2ply White Non Sterile, 100/case
19-321   Ear Currette, Adult Flexible Loop, White, 50/box
19-320   Ear Currette, Ring Tip Pink, 50/box
007868   ECG Paper, 8.5" x 11.5" Z-Fold, Multi-Channel, 200 sheets/pad
716-0239-00   EKG Paper, Assurance 50 for the Burdick 850, 300/pack
ES07   Electrode Ball, 5mm, 5/box
ES09   Electrode Loop, LLETZ 10mm x 10mm, 5/box
ES12   Electrode Loop, LLETZ 20mm x 8mm, 5/box
47029   Electrode, Cardiosens/Ultra II, 500/box
2010   Electrode, Trace Foam for Holter & Stress, 300/box
H300-10   Emesis Basin, Disposable, 500cc
10-4100   EmPower Enzymatic Cleaner, Gallon
ZET   Evacuator Tip, Vented & Non-Vented Ends on Same Tip, White, Latex Free, 100/bag
100010   Exam Shorts, Large/X-Large 22" - 48" Waist, 50/case
10000   Exam Shorts, Small/Medium 18" - 44" Waist, 50/case
1514399   Eye Wash Solution, 4oz. bottle
48100   Facial Tissue, 2ply, Box
P080018   Fecal Occult Blood Test, Ultra Lab Pack, ProAdvantage, 100/box
P440025   First Aid Kit, ProAdvantage Brand
N407125   Forceps, Adson Tissue 4 3/4" Teeth
N407105   Forceps, Dressing 5 1/2"
N407200   Forceps, Halstead Mosquito 5" Straight
N407205   Forceps, Halsted Mosquito, 5" Curved
N407215   Forceps, Kelly 5 1/2" Curved
N407210   Forceps, Kelly 5 1/2" Straight
A455   Gauze Bandage Roll, 4.5" x 4.1 yards, Sterile, 6ply
P157022   Gauze Sponge 2" x 2" 8ply, Sterile, ProAdvantage, 50 packs/box
P159522   Gauze Sponge 2" x 2", 4ply, Non Sterile, 200/pack
P157115   Gauze Sponge 2" x 2", 8ply, Non Sterile, ProAdvantage, 200/pack
P157114   Gauze Sponge 4" x 4" 12-Ply, Non Sterile, ProAdvantage, 200/pack
56910000   Gauze Sponge 4" x 4" 12ply, Sterile, 50/box
P159544   Gauze Sponge 4" x 4" 4ply, Non Sterile, 200/pack
P157117   Gauze Sponge 4" x 4" 8ply, Non Sterile, ProAdvantage, 200/pack
100441   Generic Tylenol, 325mg, 100/box
52817   Glove, Nitrile Exam Small, Lavender Color, Kimberly Clark Brand, 250/box
P359024   Glove, Nitrile Powder-Free, Large, Blue, ProAdvantage, 200/box
P359023   Glove, Nitrile Powder-Free, Medium, Blue, ProAdvantage, 200/box
P359022   Glove, Nitrile Powder-Free, Small, Blue, ProAdvantage, 200/box
P359025   Glove, Nitrile Powder-Free, X-Large, Blue, ProAdvantage, 200/box
P359021   Glove, Nitrile Powder-Free, X-Small, Blue, ProAdvantage, 200/box
106300   Glove, Sterile Exam Nitriderm, Nitrile Powder-Free, Large (Size 8.5-9), 50 pairs/box
133650   Glove, Surgical Sterile Latex Powder Free Size 6.5, 50 pairs/box
133700   Glove, Surgical Sterile Latex Powder Free Size 7, 50 pairs/box
133750   Glove, Surgical Sterile Latex Powder-Free Size 7.5, 50 pairs/box
133800   Glove, Surgical Sterile Latex Powder-Free Size 8,50 pairs/box
SPFP600   Glove, Surgical Sterile, Latex Powder-Free, Size 6, 50 pairs/box
SPFP650   Glove, Surgical Sterile, Latex Powder-Free, Size 6.5, 50 pairs/box
SPFP700   Glove, Surgical Sterile, Latex Powder-Free, Size 7, 50 pairs/box
SPFP750   Glove, Surgical Sterile, Latex Powder-Free, Size 7.5, 50 pairs/box
SPFP800   Glove, Surgical Sterile, Latex Powder-Free, Size 8, 50 pairs/box
133850   Glove, Surgical Sterile, Powder-Free Latex, Size 8.5, Innovative Healthcare, 50 pairs/box
184   Gown, 3ply Tissue, 30" x 42", 100/case
37235   Gown, Pediatric Tiny Tracks Print, 20" x 36" TPT, 50/case
P080095   H. Pylori Test Kit, CLIA Waived, ProAdvantage, 20/box
HS8   Hand Sanitizer Clear Gel, 12oz. Pump
HS4   Hand Sanitizer Clear Gel, 4.25oz Bottle
P779118   Hand Sanitizer Gel, ProAdvantage, 8oz. Pump
P779114   Hand Sanitizer, Gel, Pro Advantage 4oz. Bottle with Flip Top Cap
3065-601   Hemopoint H2 Hemoglobin Controls, 2/set
3015-100   Hemopoint H2 Microcuvettes, 100 tests/kit
K-550   Holter Prep Kit
7-796-18BX   Hyfrecator Pencil Sheaths, Non Sterile, 100/box
4252560-02   I.V. Catheter, Introcan Safety 18g x 1 1/4", 50/box
4252543-02   I.V. Catheter, Introcan Safety 20g x 1", 50/box
4252519-02   I.V. Catheter, Introcan Safety 22g x 1", 50/box
700628   Ibuprofen, 200mg Tablets, 500/bottle
AD33005   Impression Trays, Wide-Body, Posterior, 3-Way, 50/box
SM4340   Indicator Strips 4" x 3/4", 250/box
4256   Instrument Tray w/ Cover, 12 1/8" x 7 5/8" x 2 1/8"
26741   IV Catheter, 20g x 1" Wingless, Radiopaque, 50/box
26746   IV Catheter, 22g x 1" Wingless Radiopaque, 50/box
26751   IV Catheter, 24g x 3/4" Radiopaque, 50/box
4252500-02   IV Catheter, Introcan Safety 24g x 3/4", 50/box
381423   IV Catheter, Safety w/ Autoguard 22g x 1", 50/box
3052   Kindergarten Eye Chart, Plastic
SLN200   Lancet 1-Step 23g 1.8mm, Surgilance SLN200, 100/box
SLN300   Lancet, 1-Step 21g 2.8mm, 100/box
SLN240   Lancet, 1-Step, 21g 2.4mm, 100/box
SLB250   Lancet,1-Step, 100/Box
P548360   Large Adult Blood Pressure Unit, ProAdvantage
P359104   Latex Powder Free Gloves, Large, ProAdvantage, 100/box
P359102   Latex Powder Free Gloves, ProAdvantage, Small, 100/box
P359105   Latex Powder-Free Glove, X-Large, ProAdvantage, 90/box
3202   Latex Powder-Free Gloves, Medium, MicroTouch NextStep, 100/box

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