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3504   A&D Ointment, 4oz. Tube, 6/pack
3545   A&D Ointment, 5g Foilpac, 144/box
B16400   Adhesive Remover Pads, 100/box
P548440   Adult Blood Pressure Unit, ProAdvantage
1104   Alconox Ultrasounic Detergent Powder, 4lb Carton
1401   Ammonia Inhalent,10/box
100309   Aspirin, Enteric-Coated, 5 gram,100/bottle
29-7990-100   AstraGuard Filter Mouthpieces for Astra Spirometers, SDI Diagnostics, 100/box
1262P   Attest, Ampules Biological Indicator, 3M Brand, 25/box
SCXX   Autoclave Pouch 2.25" x 4",200/box
P013554   Autoclave Pouch 3.5" x 5.25", ProAdvantage, 200/box
P013590   Autoclave Pouch 3.5" x 9", ProAdvantage, 200/box
P015410   Autoclave Pouch 5.25" x 10", ProAdvantage, 200/box
P017513   Autoclave Pouch 7.5" x 13", ProAdvantage, 200/box
SCL5152   Autoclave Pouch, 5" x 15", Crosstex, 200/box
1322-24mm   Autoclave Tape 1" x 60 yards for Steam, Roll
960174   Autoclave Wrap, 18" x 18", Blue, 500/case
P012020   Autoclave Wrap, 20" x 20", Blue, 500/case
M233XT   Baby Wipes, Unscented, Alcohol Free, 80/box
1131   Bacitracin Ointment, 1oz Tube
1161   Bacitracin Ointment, Packets, 144/box
1173   Bacitracin Zinc Ointment, 1oz. Tube
P156002   Bandage, Elastic 2" with Velcro Closure, Latex Free, ProAdvantage, 10/box
P156003   Bandage, Elastic 3" with Velcro Closure,Latex Free, ProAdvantage, 10/box
P156004   Bandage, Elastic 4" with Velcro Closure, Latex Free, ProAdvantage, 10/box
P156006   Bandage, Elastic 6" with Velcro Closure, Latex Free, ProAdvantage, 10/box
P150125   Bandaid 2" x 4" Flexible Fabric, ProAdvantage, 50/box
P150120   Bandaid, 1" x 3" Flexible Fabric Bandage, Latex Free, ProAdvantage P150120, 100/box
P150135   Bandaid, 1" x 3" Sheer, ProAdvantage, 100/box
1075737   Bandaid, 3/4" x 3", Daffy & Bugs Bunny, 100/box
P150150   Bandaid, 7/8" Sheer Spot, 100/box
CBD4022   Bandaid, Spots 7/8" Fabric, Latex Free, 100/box
EN93   Battery, "C" Alkaline, 12/box
EN95   Battery, "D" Alkaline, 12/box
EN22   Battery, 9v Alkaline
EN91   Battery, Energizer "AA" Alkaline, 4/pack
EN92   Battery, Energizer "AAA" Alkaline, 4/Pack
1-220   Battery, Rechargeable 3.5v for Otoscope & Ophthalmoscope
72300   Battery, Rechargeable 3.5v Nickel Cadmium
2N3374   Baxter IV Extension Set, 50/box
1202   Betadine Swabsticks, Triple Pack, 25/box
45-50   Biohazard Bags, 24" x 24" 10 Gallon, Red, 250/case
33-31   Biopsy Punch, 2mm Steel, Disposable, 50/box
33-32   Biopsy Punch, 3mm Steel, Disposable, 50/box
33-34   Biopsy Punch, 4mm Steel, Disposable, 50/box
OS64638HLX   Bulb, 24v 100 watt for Midmark Ritter 355 O.R. Light
4514-1   Bulb, 3.5v Halogen for Otoscopes 20000, 25020, 21700 & 20200
06500-U   Bulb, 3.5v Halogen for Welch Allyn Macroview Otoscope
4513-1   Bulb, 3.5v Halogen Replacement for Ophthalmoscope Models 11610, 11600, 11710, 11605, 18000
08800-U   Bulb, 4.6v Halogen for Welch Allyn Vaginal Illumination System
26766   Butterfly 23g x 3/4", 50/box
911   Cape, 3ply Tissue White 30" x 21", 100/case
10-311   Capillary Plungers for Cholestech, 50/pack
52193   Capillary Tubes for Cholestech LDX (Lipids/ALT/AST) 35ul, 50/bottle
318116   Catheter, Coude Tip 16 Fr. 5cc
P212100   Cautery, Hi Temperature and Fine Tip, ProAdvantage
BCCS   Chair Sleeve, 27 1/2" x 24", Crosstex, 225/roll
760-10SABK   Child Blood Pressure Unit
11-010   Cholestech Pipett Tips, Minipet, 50/box
2083   Clinitek Microalbumin Reagent Strips, Siemens 2083, 25/bottle
P154010   Co-Flex 1" x 5 yards, Tan, ProAdvantage
P154020   Co-Flex 2" x 5 yard, ProAdvantage
P154030   Co-Flex 3" x 5 yards, ProAdvantage
P154040   Co-Flex 4" x 5 yards, ProAdvantage
P158020   Co-Flex Co-hesive Bandage, 2" Assorted Colors, ProAdvantage, 36/box
03P56-50   Coag-Sens PT/INR Test Strips, 50/box
06f23-64   Coag-Sense Professional PT/INR System, 5 Box Promo Kit, CLIA Waived
11621173001   CoaguChek Capillary Tubes, 100/box
04625315160   Coaguchek XS Strip, 48/box
20104   Cold Pack, Instant Re-usable Standard, 6" x 8.75", Each
5085   Coloscan ES Office Pack, 80/box
5072   ColoScreen Fecal Occult Blood Test Lab Pack, 100/box
D205   Conforming/Stretch Gauze, 2" Non Sterile, 2/pack
8518   Conforming/Stretch Gauze, 3" Non Sterile, 12/pack
8520   Conforming/Stretch Gauze, 6" Non Sterile, 6/pack
88769   Controls, Multi-Analyte for Cholestech LDX Lipid/Glucose/ALT/AST, Level 1 & 2, 2ml, Set of 2
P159045   Cotton Balls, Large Size, ProAdvantage, 1000/bag
P159025   Cotton Balls, Medium Size, ProAdvantage, 2000/bag
3554   Cotton Dental Rolls, Size 2, Medium, Non Sterile, 1/2" x 3/8", 2000/box
4302   Cotton Tipped Applicator, 6" Non Sterile, 1000/box
76800   Cotton Tipped Applicator, 6" Sterile, 2/pack, 100 packs/box
MD170-150   CPR Microshield
1100   CryoDose Portable Cryosurgical System Replacement Canister, 162ml
1500   CryoDose Portable Cryosurgical System Replacement Canister, 236ml
1101   CryoDose Portable Cryosurgical System Reusable Treatment Kit, 162ml, 6 cones, 40 buds
1103   Cryodose Portable Cryosurgical System Reusable Treatment Kit, 162ml, 80 buds
1501   CryoDose Portable Cryosurgical System Reusable Treatment Kit, 236ml, 6 cones, 40 Buds
CXCL   Cup, 5oz. Clear Plastic, 100/sleeve
105   Cup, 5oz. Plastic, Green Color, 100/sleeve
115-CH   Cup, 5oz. Waxes, Bubbles Design, 100/sleeve
P250400   Cup, Specimen 4oz. Sterile, Screw Lid, ProAdvantage
6012A   DCA 2000 & Vantage Microalbumin/Creatinine High/Low Control Kit, 4/kit
6011A   DCA 2000 and Vantage Microalbumin/Creatinine Test, 10/box
5068A   DCA 2000 Controls, 4/kit
5035C   DCA 2000/Vantage Reagent Kit for HbA1c, 10/kit, Siemens 5035C
614453   Debrox Drops, 1/2 oz.
DDP-100   Defibrillator Pads for Defibtech Lifeline AED, Adult
DCF-A100-EN   Defibrillator, Lifeline AED
751   Deluxe Minor Laceration Tray with Instruments
8382   Dental Bib, 3 Ply Paper + 1 Ply Poly, 13" x 18", Blue, 500/case
917902   Dental Bib, Contour 18" x 22", 3-Ply, Green, TIDI, 500/case
8282   Dental Bib, Dry-Back 13" x 18", 2ply Paper + 1 ply Poly, Blue, 500/case
1266MG   Dental Dam, 6" x 6", Medium Gauge, Green Color, Mint Flavor, 36/box
DHV12   Dermabond Topical Skin Adhesive, Tube
N207105   Drape 18" x 26" Sterile, Fenestrated, 50/box
N207100   Drape, 18" x 26" Sterile, Non Fenestrated, 50/box
214   Drape, 40" 'x 48", 2ply White Non Sterile, 100/case
19-321   Ear Currette, Adult Flexible Loop, White, 50/box
19-320   Ear Currette, Ring Tip Pink, 50/box
007868   ECG Paper, 8.5" x 11.5" Z-Fold, Multi-Channel, 200 sheets/pad
716-0239-00   EKG Paper, Assurance 50 for the Burdick 850, 300/pack
ES07   Electrode Ball, 5mm, 5/box
ES09   Electrode Loop, LLETZ 10mm x 10mm, 5/box
ES12   Electrode Loop, LLETZ 20mm x 8mm, 5/box
47029   Electrode, Cardiosens/Ultra II, 500/box
2010   Electrode, Trace Foam for Holter & Stress, 300/box
H300-10   Emesis Basin, Disposable, 500cc
10-4100   EmPower Enzymatic Cleaner, Gallon
ZET   Evacuator Tip, Vented & Non-Vented Ends on Same Tip, White, Latex Free, 100/bag
100010   Exam Shorts, Large/X-Large 22" - 48" Waist, 50/case
10000   Exam Shorts, Small/Medium 18" - 44" Waist, 50/case
1514399   Eye Wash Solution, 4oz. bottle
P080018   Fecal Occult Blood Test, Ultra Lab Pack, ProAdvantage, 100/box
P440025   First Aid Kit, ProAdvantage Brand
N407125   Forceps, Adson Tissue 4 3/4" Teeth
N407105   Forceps, Dressing 5 1/2"
N407200   Forceps, Halstead Mosquito 5" Straight
N407205   Forceps, Halsted Mosquito, 5" Curved
N407215   Forceps, Kelly 5 1/2" Curved
N407210   Forceps, Kelly 5 1/2" Straight
A455   Gauze Bandage Roll, 4.5" x 4.1 yards, Sterile, 6ply
P157022   Gauze Sponge 2" x 2" 8ply, Sterile, ProAdvantage, 50 packs/box
P159522   Gauze Sponge 2" x 2", 4ply, Non Sterile, 200/pack
P157115   Gauze Sponge 2" x 2", 8ply, Non Sterile, ProAdvantage, 200/pack
P157114   Gauze Sponge 4" x 4" 12-Ply, Non Sterile, ProAdvantage, 200/pack
56910000   Gauze Sponge 4" x 4" 12ply, Sterile, 50/box
P159544   Gauze Sponge 4" x 4" 4ply, Non Sterile, 200/pack
P157117   Gauze Sponge 4" x 4" 8ply, Non Sterile, ProAdvantage, 200/pack
100441   Generic Tylenol, 325mg, 100/box
184   Gown, 3ply Tissue, 30" x 42", 100/case
37235   Gown, Pediatric Tiny Tracks Print, 20" x 36" TPT, 50/case
P080095   H. Pylori Test Kit, CLIA Waived, ProAdvantage, 20/box
3065-601   Hemopoint H2 Hemoglobin Controls, 2/set
3015-100   Hemopoint H2 Microcuvettes, 100 tests/kit
K-550   Holter Prep Kit
7-796-18BX   Hyfrecator Pencil Sheaths, Non Sterile, 100/box
4252560-02   I.V. Catheter, Introcan Safety 18g x 1 1/4", 50/box
4252543-02   I.V. Catheter, Introcan Safety 20g x 1", 50/box
4252519-02   I.V. Catheter, Introcan Safety 22g x 1", 50/box
700628   Ibuprofen, 200mg Tablets, 500/bottle
AD33005   Impression Trays, Wide-Body, Posterior, 3-Way, 50/box
SM4340   Indicator Strips 4" x 3/4", 250/box
4256   Instrument Tray w/ Cover, 12 1/8" x 7 5/8" x 2 1/8"
26741   IV Catheter, 20g x 1" Wingless, Radiopaque, 50/box
26746   IV Catheter, 22g x 1" Wingless Radiopaque, 50/box
26751   IV Catheter, 24g x 3/4" Radiopaque, 50/box
4252500-02   IV Catheter, Introcan Safety 24g x 3/4", 50/box
381423   IV Catheter, Safety w/ Autoguard 22g x 1", 50/box
3052   Kindergarten Eye Chart, Plastic
SLN200   Lancet 1-Step 23g 1.8mm, Surgilance SLN200, 100/box
SLN300   Lancet, 1-Step 21g 2.8mm, 100/box
SLN240   Lancet, 1-Step, 21g 2.4mm, 100/box
SLB250   Lancet,1-Step, 100/Box
P548360   Large Adult Blood Pressure Unit, ProAdvantage
AS309N   Leg Bag, 900cc Large w/ Twist Turn Valve
BCLST   Light Sleeve for T-Style Handle, 4" x 5.75", 500/box
1710   Lipid Panels for CardioChek PA Analyzer, 15/box
10-991   Lipid Profile Plus Glucose Cassette, Cholestech LDX 10-991, 10/box
P903100   Lubricating Jelly Packets 3gm, ProAvantage, 144/box
P250500   Medicine Cup, 1oz Pro Advantage, 100/sleeve
10-2800   Metricide 28-Day Instrument Disinfectant & Sterilant, Gallon Size
10-602   Metricide OPA Plus Test Strips, 100/bottle, 2 bottles/case
10-6000   Metricide OPA Solution, Gallon
P460122   Microscope Cover Glass, 22 x 22mm #1 Thickness, ProAdvantage, 1oz. box
9011   Microscope Slide 1" x 3" Plain, 72/box
145   Mono Test, One Step, OSOM, 25/box
P080016   Mono Test, Proadvantage, 20/box
2-100-1206   Mouthpiece, IQ Mark Spirometer, 25/box
2050-5   Mouthpieces, Spirettes for ndd Easy One Spirometer, 200/case
2050-1   Mouthpieces, Spirettes for ndd Easy One Spirometer, 50/box,ndd
01804   Multifold Towel, White, 4000/case
2161   Multistix 10SG, 100/bottle
1554   Multistix PRO 10LS Reagent Strips, 100/box
MS3120   Nasal Cannula, Adult w/ 7' Tubing
1882   Nebulizer, Disposable with Tee, 7' Tubing
26419   Needle, 18g x 1", 100/box
305195   Needle, 18g x 1", 100/box
26417   Needle, 20g x 1", 100/box
305175   Needle, 20g x 1", 100/box
26411   Needle, 22g x 1", 100/box
26408   Needle, 23g x 1", 100/box
305145   Needle, 23g x 1", 100/box
P929251   Needle, 25g x 1", 100/box
26403   Needle, 25g x 5/8", 100/box
305122   Needle, 25g x 5/8", 100/box
26400   Needle, 27g x 1/2", 100/box
26437   Needle, 30g x 1/2", 100/box
305106   Needle, 30g x 1/2", 100/box
8881401056   Needle, Dental 27g x 1 3/8", Yellow, Sterile Metal Hub, Kendall Brand, 100/box
8881400074   Needle, Dental 30g Short x 3/4", Plastic Hub, Blue, Kendall, 100/box

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